The HealthQuest Mission

Our quest is for your improved health. We will help you and your family regain your natural state of wellness. We believe that being healthy is more than just the absence of pain—true health is having the ability to do what you need and want to do in your life: to Live Well.

Through our newsletters and personal communication we aim to keep you informed about the latest scientific findings in nutritional, naturopathic, osteopathic and other fields of complementary medicine, and how we can integrate this information in order to enable you to regain and maintain your wellbeing.

We are helping people regain their quality of life and would love to include you on our list of successes.

The whole family can benefit from our therapies, from pre-conception to 100 years plus!  


The HealthQuest Philosophy

The world of holistic health care has advanced tremendously over the last several years, helping us live longer and stay healthier. Through a mixture of technology, communication, and caring, we provide an atmosphere for your family to reach its optimum level of health by becoming reconnected with your inner healing wisdom—naturally. To improve your health we study and learn along with you, so that by advancing our knowledge together we can better serve you.



The HealthQuest Wellness Team


Tony Russo


Practice Manager

Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Sciences)


Tony is a medical scientist with a background in haematology and biochemistry, having worked in both private and especially public hospital pathology for nearly 25 years. He also has a special interest in nutritional and naturopathic medicine spanning many years.

Tony was a competitive martial arts athlete,teacher and coach for many years with national and state titles to his name. In an effort to optimise his sports performance he utilised the benefits of clinical nutrition and appropriate supplements.

He is always happy to help out with any nutritional or naturopathic questions you may have in between consultations with Dr. Arletta Nikitiuk.

Tony also knows from personal experience the value of osteopathy, having suffered many injuries due to the full contact nature of his training. Injuries varied from the merely annoying toe, finger, wrist, and elbow injuries to the more serious and incapacitating back, neck, shoulder, and knee injuries. Fortunately he had the wisdom and foresight to marry an osteopath!

Tony and Arletta are happily married and proud parents to Matthew and James.



Dr. Arletta Nikitiuk


Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Science)

Postgraduate Osteopathic Training in Cranial Osteopathy

Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Nutritional and Environmental Medicine)


The principal practitioner at HealthQuest, Dr Arletta has extensive experience practising in Melbourne for more than fifteen years. With her qualifications and experience in osteopathic and nutritional & naturopathic treatments, and a gentle empathetic manner, Dr Arletta offers a very holistic and comprehensive approach to your health needs.

Arletta had worked in fitness, personal training, and rehabilitation for over 10 years. Acute and chronic back and neck pain and sports related injuries are within her expertise.

In addition she has held lecturing positions at Victoria University. She was also asked to contribute to PhD level cancer prevention research at Swinburne University.



Christopher Shen


BSc (Hons),  GradCertMgt, CertIV TAA, MAPS.

Registered Psychologist


Christopher Shen is a Psychologist with a passion for developing high performance in individuals and teams.

A unique feature of Christopher's approach is his experience with elite sport and personal development. He has represented Australia in Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, competed in several mixed martial arts fights, and coached wrestling in the AFL.


Christopher’s style is positive and engaging.  He particularly focuses on:


• Mental skills for injury rehabilitation

• Dealing with change, loss, stress and anxiety

• Building resilience, mental toughness, and self esteem

• Dealing with difficult people and situations

• Performance enhancement and mental development

• Team building and leadership

• Communication skills and conflict resolution

• Career transition and outplacement

• Work/life balance  


Christopher has recently published his new book, 'Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness', with Associate Professor Simon Moss.


For further information please refer to website:




Sally Hetherington

Dip. Sp. Bowen Therapy


Sally is a very enthusiastic and passionate practitioner, having experienced first hand, the miraculous results of Bowen Therapy.

Sally has had a high success rate with her client’s healing and wellbeing. From treating cancer patients,post operative healing to babies with colic, Sally has a holistic view on health and a calm about her during treatments which she is able to instill into her client's during the treatment session.

Sally is delighted to be part of the exceptional team at HealthQuest and contribute to the Health and Wellbeing of it's clients.

Sally's website is

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